Personal production of Propolis

The need to supply the essential raw material for the wide range of products of APIMELL, Dr.Bacheff, the propolis, emerged the need we built beehives in ownership of the company. For that purpose, we started collaborating with experienced apiculturists both in theory and in practice and its success was the reason to begin our professional apiculture business in 2012.

Our everyday researches and efforts to find more practical ways to improve apiculture in general resulted in production of top quality raw materials for our pharmaceutical products and high quality products (honey, pollen, royal jelly, wax), products that were recognized by their uniqueness and high quality in no time.

Apiculturists Education

Our team of apiculturists unselfishly shares their knowledge with individual apiculturists and apiculturist associations nationwide. We also organize educational lectures several times a year, whose goal is to encourage apiculturists to continually educate themselves, learn about the new methods and products of the modern apiculture and treat the bees with natural preventing products in order to provide products with higher quality and quantity.

Buy­out of Raw Propolis

Throughout the year our company buys­out raw propolis in unlimited amounts used for producing high end pharmaceutical products available in more than 1000 pharmacies in Macedonia. We also provide top­quality, laboratory tested mountain honey.