Lingua Villosa Nigra treated with proagny spray

Treatment with PROANGI Propolis Spray

  • Lingua villosa nigra is a chronic condition characterized with hypertrophy, hyperkeratosis and versicolor (usually dark brown) coloring of the filiform tongue papillae. Ethyological factors are chronic irritation from endogenous (bacterial, Candida infection) and exogenous (chemical and physical irritants) origin. We’re presenting you the case of a 22­year old student who doesn’t drink nor smoke. She noticed her condition one year ago. At the time of the health check the patient had the characteristic described clinical image.
  • We treated the patient with PROANGI spray,applying3 times, twice a day, half an hour before a meal. The 10 day therapy led to full regression. In the following 6 months, there were no sign of the condition.
  • Conclusion: The pharmacodynamics characteristics of the propolis as an active ingredient in the Proangy spray covers the nosological agents as the suspected cause of the illness. This is why both in theory and in practice, the received result is expected.